❤ Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha is one of my favorite models. She was born on September 10, 1988 and is from Canada. What I love about her is how she doesn't try to be pretty all the time. She's absolutely gorgeous as is! She isn't afraid to make different faces and expressions at photo shoots and the results are marvelous. I love how she has so many "wacky" fashion shots. She has so much personality and you can really see that in her pictures and on the runway. I miss seeing her on the runway! It's always lovely seeing her there. Many of my favorite editorials and spreads became my favorite because of her. She makes them all look so fun, interesting and beautiful. I think if I ever saw her I'd be really starstruck, haha! She's absolutely wonderful and I wish her the best! I really hope she does more modeling work again! And if she does, I'm sure it'll be fabulous! :]

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Vogue Nippon August 2008

 WWD Beauty Biz November 18, 2008

Numéro March 2007

Harper's Bazaar Russia November 2010

Elle Italia January 2011

Flare April 2010

 Vogue Nippon August 2008

Vogue US May 2008

On the runway
Source: fgr & style.com

I really had to learn from the beginning who Steven Meisel was, who Anna Wintour was, honestly I knew nothing.

-Coco Rocha


  1. Wow, she's so pretty!
    PS: I'm a new follower (thru bloglovin) ! You have an awesome blog :)

  2. yes, she's gorgeous right? :] awww thanks, dear!! :] very encouraging!! thanks for reading!