These photos are some of my favorite ones Kyle has shot for my blog. Thank you for the lovely, lovely photos, Kyle!! :] Anyway, this was taken a few Sundays ago when we had lunch at Serendra with some of my relatives. We excused ourselves after eating and took photos, haha. I think my relatives are slowly getting used to that happening because it often does, hahaha. :] Speaking of relatives, my uncle from the states visited us for two weeks and left today. :[ My family and I will definitely miss him! Have a safe trip, Tito! :]

I'm wearing my favorite boater hat, a houndstooth cape from Babo, a floral dress, and boots from HK. The sun was nice that day and we got really nice photos but that also meant it was hot. I wore the cape inside the restaurant and for the photos but other than that I carried it around, haha. As for the boots, well, maybe my legs are getting used to it, haha. I dunno if you've noticed but I always wear my flat boots (this pair and my gray ones :]). They're favorites of mine and won't be getting that much rest this summer (unless it gets unbearably hot, haha). Below are more outfit shots. And just so you know, this post is a tad bit photo heavy. :]

Accessories:H&M shades, gold ring necklace from Forever 21...

...beaded wooden bracelets, Tinker Bell watch, Matryoshka charm bracelet (from NY :] thanks, guys!), gold flower ring, peacock ring from PLF 

Hype on lookbook and chictopia! :]


So many fashion shows I want to see! Most of my favorites came out the past two days. Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Viktor & Rolf, Tsumori Chisato, Sonia Rykiel! Ahh, my mind can't take it. Must finish homework and projects so I can see! I'm trying to be a good girl and get most of my school work done first, haha. :] 

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday! :]

I will tell the world
I wil tell them where I've been
I will keep my word
I will tell them Albertine

-Albertine, Brooke Fraser


  1. Love your outfit!! =)followed you my dear..


  2. thanks you so much! you're so sweet! :]

    will drop by your blog! :]