❤ Sasha Pivovarova

Sasha Pivovarova is one seriously amazing model. She's gorgeous and has such a distinct look. She was an art history student in Russia when her friend (and now husband) sent some pictures of her to IMG. That's when her career started. In her first season of fashion week, Prada signed her to a 3year exclusive advertising contract. She's been on too many magazine covers to count and has appeared in even more campaigns than those. She also currently ranks #4 on models.com. She has a love for art and draws during her spare time. Karl Lagerfeld asked her to draw for Chanel before and her work has been exhibited. Sasha really is talented and extremely gorgeous! :] 

Photos via fgr and google

"I was playing with pencils while the other girls were playing with dolls."

-Sasha Pivovarova

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