Reach for the Skies!

I had a fun day today! Hmm, maybe I should say I had a fun day yesterday since it's already 1am, haha. I met up with one of my best friends, Phoebe, and had such a good time catching up. I also got to sing again at church and be part of the worship team after over a year, I believe. More good memories please! :]

Bracelets: aqua and pastel colored from Bataan, DIY nuts and lace, Tinker Bell watch

Hype on lookbook and chictopia! :]

Thanks to the most awesome Kyle for all the wonderful photos he takes for me, haha!

I'm Wearing:

Sheer, white top from Kyle
Chartreuse tank top
Teal pleated shorts from Shopwise
Blue polka dotted socks from SM
Nude pumps from Parisian

"Reach for the skiesssss!"

 -Woody, Toy Story


  1. the most awesome Guia is very welcome :)

  2. thank youu >:D< I always have fun shooting! :]

  3. super cute outfit! :D That's just downstairs! :)

  4. thanks, dear! Yeah, it was downstairs, hahaha! :]

  5. This is so far my favorite outfit of yours! So chic and still so laid back. Love the shoes and socks combination, too! <3

  6. i love your shorts! and you have such cute socks!

  7. thanks, Liezyl! You'll definitely be seeing more of those two in future posts! :]