Paris, Day 4: Versailles (Gardens pt. 1)

Versailles was the place I wanted to see the most and it was absolutely beautiful. I really, really want to go back! Are you tired of reading that yet? Haha. Since I took so many pictures here, I decided to blog about Versailles in 3 parts. And for those who were wondering about the title, I know Versailles isn't in Paris, haha. Anyway, please enjoy these photos! Blogger gave me such a difficult time uploading them but at least they're up! :]

Saw this just outside Chateau de Versailles :]

Too pretty.

They had a lot of fountains. 

Outfit shots! :]

That bird was so noisy when we were taking pictures. Maybe it was mad we were there? It sounded like it wanted to attack me. No joke. Hahaha!

Must go back here and shoot some more!

Hype on lookbook and chictopia! :]

I'm wearing:

Thrifted Sheer Floral Button Down
Lavender Dress from Applerust
Belts and Socks from Sm Dept Store
Bag, Scarf and Shades from H&M
Loafers from So Fab
Tinker Bell Watch
Pastel-Colored Sea Shell Bracelet

And when I think I about him, I wish I had it all, to do again because….
I Wanna be just like Mary so let them eat their cake

- C'est L'amour, Rosi Golan

Paris, Day 3: The Louvre (Inside)

Part 2 of the Louvre. I didn't take too many photos because they weren't really turning out nicely. :[ That's mostly why I bought a book about the paintings, haha! Anyway, here are some of the pictures from inside the museum! I really must go back there and see everything

Of course this was our first stop in the museum! 

Ermine Fur! This painting was HUGE and there was a big crowd around it so I took a detailed shot instead. Love the costumes. Love love love.

Gorgeous colors!

I loved this painting so much I bought a bookmark of it, haha!

Pretty cool, right? :D

I have an obsession with art materials and colors so I just had to take a photo of her paint!! 

Napoleon's apartments! Or part of it, at least. Haha.

Yes, my eyes are closed.. but I still love the shot, haha. 

I'd love to have this print all over my walls too!!

So lovely.

A plastic carrying the book and bookmarks I bought! :]

It happened all too fast, the perfect night, for perfect strangers
The way he wrapped the curls of his mustache around his fingers

-C'est L'amour, Rosi Golan

Paris, Day 3: The Louvre (Outside)

Third day in Paris. My mom and I went to see the Louvre. We could've spent ALL day there but we had other places to see too. Pity. It was marvelous and so inspiring! I bought a book about some of the paintings in the museum. I think it should serve as a pretty good sourcebook. :] 

I took too many pictures here and decided to show them to you in two parts. First, you'll see the outside. These pictures were taken while we were waiting in line to get inside, haha. And obviously, you'll be seeing the inside after this post, so I hope you guys look forward to that! :]

Morbie Doll at the Louvre! :]

Gorgeous sculptures! 

Here are two more. :]

Hype on lookbook and chictopia! :]

I'm wearing:
Straw Hat
Vintage Pink Cardigan
Mint Green Polka-Dotted Top from Applerust (formerly known as PH's Car)
Teal Shorts from Shopwise
Socks from Forever 21
Shoes from Suelas
Bag, Sunglasses and Scarf from H&M


Remember that gigantic book I said I was reading? Remember me mentioning desperately trying to get a copy of the first book of that series? Well, I got my hands on one. :D I had lunch with Kyle at Rockwell last Tuesday and found a stack of copies at Fully Booked. I was so excited and hopped like a bunny. Seriously. Haha. Well, it's been keeping me busy (busy enough that I always seemed to forget to blog about actually buying the book, haha). I cannot put the book down. No joke. It kept me up well past 4 last night, haha. That being said, I should be able to finish it soon. Maybe tomorrow or Monday. I think I'll read The Wise Man's Fear again after, even though that was the book I read before this one, HAHA. Oh, and just so you know, the book is called The Name of the Wind. Such an amazing, interesting and well-written story. If you ever need something to read, well, this series is pretty darn good! :] Okay, enough about books.. For now! :]

One night in Paris with a man I barely knew, I’m lost in a moment
C’est La vie, C’est La chance, C’est L’amour

-C'est L'amour, Rosi Golan