Paris, Day 3: The Louvre (Inside)

Part 2 of the Louvre. I didn't take too many photos because they weren't really turning out nicely. :[ That's mostly why I bought a book about the paintings, haha! Anyway, here are some of the pictures from inside the museum! I really must go back there and see everything

Of course this was our first stop in the museum! 

Ermine Fur! This painting was HUGE and there was a big crowd around it so I took a detailed shot instead. Love the costumes. Love love love.

Gorgeous colors!

I loved this painting so much I bought a bookmark of it, haha!

Pretty cool, right? :D

I have an obsession with art materials and colors so I just had to take a photo of her paint!! 

Napoleon's apartments! Or part of it, at least. Haha.

Yes, my eyes are closed.. but I still love the shot, haha. 

I'd love to have this print all over my walls too!!

So lovely.

A plastic carrying the book and bookmarks I bought! :]

It happened all too fast, the perfect night, for perfect strangers
The way he wrapped the curls of his mustache around his fingers

-C'est L'amour, Rosi Golan

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