Coat from Thailand

I can't remember if these photos were shot in my 1st or 2nd term of college, haha. I was going through my photos choosing which ones to keep and which to delete when I stumbled upon these. These were taken by Patricia a long time ago. Thanks, Pat! :] 

I'm wearing:

Coat - Thailand
Tank Top - Green Hills
Jeans - Green Hills
Boots - Nine West

"But I wonder how we ever got up in that tree, anyway. Now, let's see. Elephants can't climb trees, can they? Nah, nah, that's ridiculous. Couldn't jump up. Mm-mmm. It's too high."

- Timothy Mouse, Dumbo


  1. Love the coat! Actually its only the fabric which was from Thailand, the coat itself was Made In the Philippines :) I'll have to find a picture of how it looked when I wore it too my brother's wedding 18 years ago! Does that mean it qualifies as vintage already?

  2. Love the coat ! :) I also like how you edited these photos ! How did you do it? I discovered this blog because I saw you in The Philippine Star ! :)

  3. Tita Karen: Yes, that means it's vintage! and nice to know it was made here, haha!

    Anonymous: Aww thank you! Patricia Prieto used a fisheye lens for this and she edited the photos :] and wow, that is so cool, haha! thanks for reading!! :]