Paris, Day 4: Versailles (Chateau and Trianon)

Finally, we go inside the buildings in Versailles. Most of the pictures were taken at the Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon but there are also some pictures from the Chateau. 

P. S.

What do you guys think of the new header? I drew the little girl a few days ago and am extremely happy with how it turned out! You'll soon see the outfit inspiration for that drawing. :]

Ooh, ooh now that you've taken me up so high
Paris nights and New York mornings
Don't let me down

- Paris Nights/New York Mornings, Corinne Bailey Rae
Don't let me down


  1. So they're real! I thought they were just in movies. Haha!

    Nice photos, Guia! Miss you!

  2. Charry: Thanks, dear! :]

    Lai: Yup, they are real and absolutely gorgeous!!! :] hahaha! I miss you tooo! hope to see you soon! :]

  3. Hi Guia,

    Very nice blog and so happy to see your pictures in Europe. I saw that you did not miss the dome at GLF and the Winged Victory sculpture. Those are my favorites. I will be checking on your blog often. Keep it up>