Paris, Day 4: Versailles (Gardens pt. 2) and a little bit more

I know I said I would blog more regularly but due to some happenings the past few days I wasn't able to. My uncle passed away last week and my family and I were busy with the wake and cremation. Not only did I have more important things to do, I also found it rather inappropriate to be blogging about a trip to Europe at a time like that. I'm finding comfort knowing that he's at a place that a trillion times better than where we are now. God is forever in control. 

I find these photos somewhat peaceful and I'm glad they're that way. There are only 2 other pictures in this post that stand out and you'll soon see why. 

I'm guessing you've now spotted the said pictures. Awkward smiles and it looks like I was photoshopped (really poorly) into the photos. I find it amusing. The things light can do.

These last two photos were taken on the tram ride back to the entrance, hence the weird angle.

Father, You are King over the flood
I will be still and know You are God

-Still, Hillsong United

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