Crazy, Stupid, Love.

I wore this outfit last week when I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love. so that's where the title of this entry comes from. The knitted top I'm wearing here is quickly becoming one of my favoritesi. It's light, oversized, and really comfortable. Plus, it has the most amazing color. I tend to like pastels or darker hues (like navy, forest green, burgundy), but even with its burst of color I just knew this little top just had to be mine.

Being my silly self, the first thing I did after buying that top and arriving home was to style it 3 different ways. I guess you can say I was excited, haha. It distracted me quite a bit because I was supposed to be writing a book when I did that. Oh, well. I was really happy with all the outfits I came up with so it didn't really matter, haha. 

As always, outfit photos by Kyle. :] Thank you!! 

I should get back to fashion week now. I can't believe I have a whole day of classes tomorrow. 9am-6pm. Fun. Gotta look at the bright side. My other classes start two weeks from now so I still have all the other days of the week off, haha. 

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"I'm so mad at you. I'm really mad at you for what you did. But I'm mad at myself too. Because I should not have jumped out of that car - I should have fought for you. Because you fight for your soul mates."

- Crazy, Stupid, Love.