First Term

I found these old pictures while browsing through some folders and thought that it was time for me to post them on my blog! Old because I wore this in June 2010, which was also my first term in college. My blog didn't exist yet so I only got to post this on lookbook. The photos were taken by my friends and classmates at what was SoFA until last week. The school has officially moved and I cannot wait to see the new location!! 

The photo above is one of my favorite outfit shots ever, haha. It makes me miss dressing up like that (edgier than how I dress now) and it totally makes me want bangs again. I've actually been thinking about getting bangs for some time now, but I think I'll keep my hair as is for a bit longer. 

 Hype on lookbook!

Love, where is your fire? I've been sitting here smoking away
making signals with sticks and odd ends and bits, but still there's no sign of a flame

-Love, Where Is Your Fire?, Brooke Fraser