The Jock Crusader

I wore this a couple of weeks back, but only got to post this now. I actually wore this outfit twice already, haha. The first time I wore this I didn't have outfit shots or the jacket. Here's another outfit I'll probably abuse, hahaha. I already overuse the poor shirt, but can you blame me? It's a navy blue Batman shirt. It's hard not to. I have a bunch of ideas in mind for this shirt. Let's hope they look as good as I think they will, haha. :] 

I arrived from Bangkok last night and have some major catching up to do with both school work and fashion week. I missed the last few days of New York and the first few days of London-- that means maybe a hundred shows to go through. It doesn't really bother me, though. Fashion week is interesting and full of inspiration. 

Stay tuned for more fashion week posts, and a few posts on my little trip to Bangkok. Hurray for shopping! Got some much needed new boots! Can't wait to use them every single day, hahaha.

Thanks to Kyle for the lovely photos and for the title of this post! :]

Saw this adorable little dog while we were shooting!

Hype on lookbook and chictopia!

I'm wearing:
Navy Blue Batman Shirt from SM Dept Store
Jacket from Topman
Gray Boots from HK
Vintage Forest Green Shorts from my mom

"Years ago, I created a mighty lie: an almost demonic creature of violence
and vengeance;  a night-beast whose very presence would strike fear into
the criminal heart. But the lie was born to serve the greater good. The
lie protected the innocent, the forsaken. The lie serves justice."

-Batman:Absolution, J.M. DeMatteis


  1. loving this look, your varsity jacket is the bombbb. i really want it.

  2. repeat offender...

  3. sorry! I just think the outfit's really cute (and comfortable) and I love my Batman shirt! :D