Here are some of the books and magazines I'm currently reading. Wish I had more time to read but I've been pretty busy with school. Hope that'll change when all my midterms are over! Haha :]

Got this magazine from my relatives in the states! Thank you! :] Nothing beats Vogue Paris Collections but this is still an interesting read. 

Got this magazine when I was in Hong Kong two weeks ago. I don't actually read it since I can't understand it but I love the styling! Definitely inspirational.

 It took me forever to read the first book of the Game of Throne series considering how short it is, haha. I'm trying to read this one faster! Must make time for this.

Here's another book that just arrived from the states. It's like a text book for costume design. I'll try to finish this before the next year starts, haha.

Those are some of things I've been spending my free time on. What do you guys like to read? :]

"Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book."

-Author Unknown


  1. I love love the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series! You should try it, definitely an awesome read!!

  2. Yeah, I've been hearing good things about that series, haha! I'll definitely try to read that after Game of Thrones :] Thanks for dropping by the blog! :]