Girl Scout

Totally loving these photos shot by the awesome Kyle. :] Decided to call this post girl scout because one of my cousins said it reminded him of one even though the colors aren't the typical girl scout colors, haha. 

I've been wearing more outfits like this recently. They're just too cute to resist! And they're extremely comfortable because I always pair them with boots. Don't you just love boots? I have a bunch of pairs now but I honestly don't mind owning a pair in every single color out there. That would be fun and pretty darn amazing, haha.

Can't believe how near Christmas is! After typing that I realized I don't know what to wear for Christmas, haha. Anyway, if Christmas is fast approaching that also means Christmas break is near! Two things I cannot wait for! :]

Hype on lookbook

I'm wearing:

Light denim snap button down from Cotton On
Mustard shorts and belt (used as tie) from Bangkok
Boots from Hong Kong

The lights are staying on tonight
You won’t appear before my eyes
If I can help it I am gonna try to say farewell

- Seeing Ghosts, Rosi Golan