Chum Lee

Took these photos the first Friday of December and absolutely fell in love with Chum Lee, the puppy of Kyle's dad. It's been quite some time since we (my family) have had a puppy. Our labrador is getting older and while we love him to bits my mom always wanted a little dog of her own. So my brother decided to get her a puppy for Christmas! We are now no longer puppy-less, haha! The puppy we have now is a black shih tzu. She's adorable! Her name is Jenna (like the dog from Balto, heehee. Loved that movie as a child!). I'll post photos of her when I can! :D

I wore this outfit to school and to church later that night. Kyle took these photos in between the two, haha. I had a bunch of fun shooting with Chum Lee! It was my first time doing an outfit post with a pet! 

This entry has a lot of pictures of Chum Lee because he's too cute not to post. Couldn't narrow down the photos so I didn't haha! But can you blame me?? Isn't he adorable?

I LOVE him in this photo, heehee :D always makes me smile!

This could be me if I cut my hair short. Hmm, should I?

Kyle with Chum Lee! Chum Lee absolutely loves him! Sooo cute!

Another one of my favorite pictures! :] Chum Leeeee!
Hype on lookbook and chictopia!

I'm wearing:

Thrifted oversized knit top
Pants from Nava
Boots from HK
Watch from Aldo

There are probably better things I could and should be doing now, but I'm currently playing Pokémon on my sister's DS.. HAHAHA. Well, I shall get back to that now. :D

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."


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