Let the Rain

I wore this outfit a couple of fridays ago. I brought this umbrella with me that day because it matched my outfit, HAHA. But, hey, good thing I brought it because it started to rain while we were shooting and it also rained later that night. Poor suede shoes got wet!

As always, Kyle took these wonderful photos! :] Really loving this set so I had an incredibly difficult time choosing which pictures to share with you guys. 

Blues, white/cream, and grays are so my colors. Now I might have to add orange to that list because I can't seem to stop wearing this hat or my glasses! Wish the weather were cooler here so I could wear outfits like this more often.

I've been using these boots so often it's kind of funny how I'm only blogging about them now! I love the shade of blue on them, the style and how comfortable they are. I wish they had them in other colors too! I would totally buy more.

I guess I should get back to schoolwork. I have finals this week and next week and should really be finishing up some stuff I need to pass tomorrow. Also, tomorrow will be a really long and fun day! Excited for it and I'll blog about it as soon as I can! :]

Batman necklace from Kyle! :]

Drool. They're so pretty. Or cute. More like both, heehee.

Hype on lookbook!

I'm wearing:

Burnt orange cloche hat from H&M
Jacket from Topman
Dress from So Fab
Tights from Topshop
Boots from HK
Watch from Aldo
Necklace from Kyle (DC store in Singapore, I believe)
Satchel from Cotton On

I want the water in my eyes
I wanna cry until the end of time
I wanna let the rain come down
Make a brand new ground
Let the rain come down

-Let the Rain, Sara Bareilles