Hmm.. Hair

I wore this sometime last month to hang out with friends. As you can see, my hair here is super long. Kinda miss it but it did get kind of annoying.. Like how in these pictures there are a few stray strands that got caught in my hat, HAHA. Had no idea 'til I saw the pictures on my laptop and Kyle didn't notice either while taking these shots. He concerns himself with things better than my hair, hahaha. :\ Oh, well. Nothing I can really do about it.  Haha. I shall make sure to check that my hair is in place next time!

I really wanna be getting some sleep but I'm really busy trying to finish a bunch of things before leaving on our trip tomorrow! I won't have my laptop with me so I gotta do as much work now as I can, haha. And I shall get back to that now. 

Hype on lookbook!

Goodnight, Philippines and Happy Friday, everyone! :] Expect some scheduled posts over the weekend! :]

I'm wearing:

Hat and boots from Bangkok
Vintage cardigan
Top from Belle York
Skirt from Nava
Socks from Hong Kong

Shed that shallow skin
Come and live again
Leave all you were before
To believe is to begin

- Hosea's Wife, Brooke Fraser

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