I wore this outfit last Friday to enroll at school and hang out with Kyle (who took my photos! Thank youuu! :]). I was kind of lazy so I decided to just wear a loose shirt, jeans, and boots. If you read my last post, I introduced you all to Mr. Bunny and asked if anyone could guess what my shirt was, haha. Well, I guess it's pretty obvious from the title and from the logo seen on my shirt that it's a McDonald's shirt, hahaha. Quite cute if you ask me and how could I possibly stop myself from buying it? Though I'd love to say this shirt is mine, I really can't say so. My brother also wanted to buy one so we bought it in his size and I just get it from him whenever I wanna wear it, HAHA. Good thing I like wearing oversized tops!

I've been wearing this hairstyle nonstop the past couple of days. It's just so easy to do and I love how it looks! Sadly, it'll be a tad bit different when I do this to my hair again because I cut my hair. Before you all think I cut a crazy amount of hair, let me tell you otherwise. I only had 2-3 inches cut off. I asked for 2 inches off but it feels like 3 inches or more was cut. Oh, well. Don't get me wrong. I quite love my hair now. The layers are fixed and it falls better. I used to get annoyed with my super long hair because sometimes I felt like it looked so limp and lifeless, hahaha. But now that it's gone. I miss it. Obviously. Anyone else know what I'm talking about? I'm just attached to my hair like that. I will never cut my hair short, haha. I don't think I can ever do that. You probably won't see my newly cut hair 'til next week.. or next month, haha. I have too many outfits to upload from last month! If I do upload a picture with my new hair, I'll be sure to tell you! Haha.

I know I'm weird about my hair :[ I just like it really long. Haha. I always had short hair when I was a little girl. And I'd cry every time my mom would have my hair cut to my chin or shoulder, hahaha. I think I'll stop talking about my hair now. I really should.

Are you guys back in school? How's that going? I'm on my finals week in SoFA! Just one more project to pass and one more exam to take! I'll be done by Saturday! Yay! Thank you, Lord, for your grace! Speaking of which, have you seen my weekly inspiration post? I think the theme is pretty darn obvious, haha. 

Wow. I think I wrote a lot today. Well, more than usual? Haha. Hope I didn't bore you with my rambling! Anyways, pictures! :]

Of course I had to shoot with Mr. Bunny!

I never knew there was a McDonald's pirate. Hahaha. Is there??

Hype on lookbook and chictopia!

I'm wearing:

Thrifted polka dot jacket
McDonald's shirt from Green Hills
Glasses and jeans from H&M
Boots from Hong Kong
Lego watch

So I love Modern Family and I just have to share this with you because I think Nolan Gould is awesome.

That was a long post. Haha. Goodnight, everyone! I'll probably sleep at 3am again, but goodnight nonetheless!

It's love that hung the moon and stars for you above
And stays awake to start the morning
If you feel you've had enough
He's never given up, it's love

- Emily (It's Love), Francesca Battistelli


  1. D'AWWWWWWWW this outfit is super cute (and the doll)! the mcd tee is awesome! hahaha works really well with the polka dots and the dorky glasses ;P nicely done! cool hairdo too! i actually never braided my hair before, lol!

    alex @

  2. thanks, Alex!!! You should try it sometime! It's really fun! ;]