Puppets from Kyle

I can't believe I haven't posted these sweet little things yet.. I really thought I did already. Probably because they were taken at the same time Kyle shot product shots for Bunny Snarl and I posted all of those already. Anyway, aren't they adorable??? They make me smile! Kyle got them for me when he was in Vietnam. :] He took some really awesome pictures over there and I'll post them here soon enough!

I just realized I have so many things that need to be shared on this blog-- too many projects I haven't shown you guys, too many late outfit entries. I must really do something about that!

Anyway, I have to get back to sewing some orders (still can't believe I'm getting orders for Bunny Snarl!! God is good!). Click read more to see the puppets more clearly! Don't you just love all the pretty patterns on them? And oh my goodness. It's a bunny. Such a cute little thing. I die every time I see it. The elephant is awesome too but you know me. I have a thing for bunnies ;] 

I am rambling. Enough. Must get back to work! I also have to get my stuff ready for my pattern making class tomorrow! 

Photos by Kyle ;]

The piano is not firewood yet
They try to remember but still they forget
That the heart beats in threes
Just like a waltz
And nothing can stop you from dancing

- Firewood, Regina Spektor


  1. Super cute! Should make something like that here out of indigenous materials to sell to tourists!