These pictures were taken at Legoland (California) last year. My sister was (and still is, haha) obsessed with Lego so a trip there was a must. The last time I was there was when I was in first grade so I was actually looking forward to going. We had a blast and all the things they built out of Lego were crazy amazing! I hope you enjoy the pictures! 

New York buildings made of Lego. They were so tall! You can see how tall the buildings were by looking at the first photo :]

I'm wearing a white tee, gray jeans, a leather jacket from Zara, sneakers from Vans, shades from Forever 21 and a vintage gold bag :]

One day I will see the real thing! ❤

Mt. Rushmore

Sydney Opera House

A cute, little family of owls...
... and a duck! :]

This section was really cool. The little Lego cars actually moved, haha! Pretty entertaining.

Aren't all the little instruments adorable?? :]

Carousel! I love how colorful this one is! :]

Another carousel! I really want to build one, haha! Isn't it pretty? :]

Yes, that is me sliding with my little sister and two other kids/babies, haha! I was surprised they didn't stop me and tell me I was too big/old. Slides are really fun :]
Hype on lookbook and chictopia :]

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

-George Bernard Shaw


  1. You should!!! :] It's fabulous and tons of fun! They have a bunch of rides there too!