I've been really busy with stuff and haven't had much time to post. Decided to do a quick post tonight to take a break from school work and cleaning my room, haha. I was going through my old photos and found these pictures. A watercolor painting I made for Kyle's birthday last year and my two duck rings! I love ducks and was pretty obsessed with them until that obsession changed to bunny rabbits. Bunnies are adorable and my interest in them has nothing to do with the year of the rabbit and all that, haha. This post is about ducks so enough bunny talk. Ducks are way awesome because they're monogamous*. Isn't that cool? :] Sadly, I have to go back to school work. Graded recitation in Filipino class on Tuesday. Nervous! I am hoping and praying that goes well, haha. I also have to write a paper and prepare some other stuff. I'll make time for a longer post tomorrow :]

*MonogamyZoology: the habit of having only one mate at a time.

"Jemima Puddle-Duck was not much in the habit of flying. She ran downhill a few yards flapping her shawl, and then she jumped off into the air."

-The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck, Beatrix Potter

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