Electric Twist

I wore this two Sundays ago to lunch with some relatives. I knew I'd be able to have my photos taken (thanks, Kyle! :]) so I dressed up, haha. This has got to be my favorite outfit I've worn so far this year. I love this skirt from Babo and all the looks I can create with it. For this outfit, I paired it with a striped tank top, a crocheted cardigan, strappy heels from Parisian, and a lot of accessories. I particularly like the scarf and shades, haha. When I was dressing up, I was debating over wearing a hat or not. I decided not to because it looked a bit much with the scarf. I'm really happy with how it turned out and I'd totally wear this outfit again, hahaha. Not anytime soon though and maybe with a few changes. I can't wait to style this skirt a different way again! I'm hoping to buy or make more skirts like this. Here's to not being too lazy to make my own clothes! Haha :] Now I must get back to school work. Hopefully, I'll finish soon. :]

Accessories: H&M shades, thrifted scarf, lady bug necklace from HK, belt from SM

Tinker Bell watch, gold bracelets from Mom, elephant ring and silver bangles from Belle York, owl and fox rings from PLF, and silly bands

Close up of watch and bracelets

Owl earrings from Landmark

Hype on lookbook and chictopia :]

And lastly, here are the silly bands I wore that day-- two letters, a Tinker Bell one, a tiara , and a Hello Kitty one from Patricia :]

Picked from a hot grove, packaged for sale
It drips down the sleeve, gets under your nail
A loss of the senses, a chip off a tooth
The smells of the city, they ride in your suit

- Electric Twist, A Fine Frenzy


  1. you look like you got out from a fashion editorial!

  2. Liezyl: That's kind of what I was thinking when I put the outfit together! Haha :]

    Rebecca: thank you!! :]