❤ Vogue Australia March 2011 Cover Story

I absolutely adore the cover of this issue! It's so bright and colorful and I love the shoes, haha! Alina Baikova looked stunning on the cover! Nicole Bentley took some beautiful pictures and Meg Gray styled some great outfits! I loved all the colors and hats! The places they shot in were wonderful. I wish the model wasn't so serious though. I think Coco Rocha would've brought a whole different mood to this shoot. But Alina didn't do too bad and she looks gorgeous. View the whole spread here. :] 

Source: fgr

Today was a really fun and happy Saturday! Hope you guys enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine! :]

All the colors of the rainbow
Hidden 'neath my skin

Hearts have colors, don't we all know?
Red runs through our veins.

-Kaleidoscope Heart, Sara Bareilles


  1. I enjoyed mine! :] and I do agree about Coco

  2. Of course you did :] yes, Coco Rocha would've been great!