It was Kyle's birthday yesterday (March 1st). It was also the birthday of my Uncle Danny (happy birthday, Tito!!) and around 3 more friends, haha! Talk about a lot of birthdays. After school I had dinner with Kyle and his family at Chili's in Greenbelt 5. Yummy food! I had a hard time finding the right pair of shoes for this outfit because it looked nice with heels but I didn't want to wear them, hahaha. Settled for my mary jane Keds and yellow socks. I actually love the outcome, haha. 

I'm wearing a top I bought from Belle York after modeling it for the brand (more on that next time ;]). It's so easy to use! I've thought of about 4 outfits already, haha! I just won't get to wear those outfits soon because I just wore the top. Oh, well. That's life for you, haha! There isn't much stock left of this top and I'm sure a lot of people will want this so keep checking the facebook page of Belle York for updates! :] The collection should be released this week. In this post I paired the top with a denim skirt. I wasn't able to take pictures of my bracelets but I wore my Pacman bracelet, Lego charm bracelet and Lego watch. Tell me what you think of my outfit! :]

I like this picture more then the one after but I forgot to remove a mosquito patch I put on my sock, haha! Do you see it? 

Bowtie necklace from Just G, heart-shaped key necklace from Kyle, and printed scarf

I love this top because of its shoulder cutouts! :]
Hype on lookbook and chictopia! :]

I mention Kyle a lot because he takes my photos but you haven't seen him so here he is, haha. 

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip."
-Author Unknown

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