DIY: Lace & Nuts

While browsing through Pinterest the other day, I found a picture of a DIY bracelet made of rope and nuts. I really wanted one so I decided to make it! I didn't have any rope and when I went to some stores to buy it, they didn't have the one I wanted. When I got home I dug through my box of materials and found some lovely lace trim! I thought this would be a great substitute and it was, haha! I really love how it turned out and I'll definitely be making more of this! It's really easy and I am so loving the feeling of being productive again! :]  

On another note, I had Filipino a while ago and to my surprise, I actually did well on our oral exam! :D Success! Thank you, Jesus! :] I couldn't stop smiling after I got my grade, HAHA. Nerd, indeed. Hard work paid off. Must thank the awesome Camille Go for helping me out too! :] I also had Digital Fashion Illustration class today and here are some screenshots of what we did, haha!

We were supposed to practice strokes and all. The dog I drew looks mad, haha!

Our class is still getting used to Adobe Illustrator and I'm actually enjoying it, haha! It seems fun! We also tried to do some flats (technical drawings of garments) a while ago. Our homework for next meeting is to draw flats of what our partner was wearing. Danika of Hello Rio is my partner and her outfit consisted of 4 pieces, haha! This should be interesting. I hope my flats turn out well! 

That's all for tonight! :] Thanks for reading!! :]

"The imagination imitates. It is the critical spirit that creates."

-Oscar Wilde


  1. it looks like an easy DIY, sana i can DIY that din. :)

  2. it is! :] just braid some nuts and lace together! :]

  3. wow! this is AMAZING! I only saw this now! how do you do this?:D

  4. I just braided them together :] when you braid the lace insert the nuts on one side of the braid only :] it's fairly easy. Choose one side and keep adding them to that part only. the nuts should be right under each other :]

    I hope that was clear enough, haha! :] I might make another one soon :] If i do, i'll make another post with step by step pictures :]