Even Though

Decided to play dress up sometime back and put this outfit together. Thanks for taking and editing the photos, Kyle! :] I'm wearing a dress with lots of prints, a cardigan from PH's Car, yellow socks, my boater hat and heels from Parisian. At first, I wasn't sure what to do with this outfit because the dress is really short. I tried tights and a few other things then I stumbled upon these socks and knew they would work well. I really like the outcome! What do you guys think? :]

Accessories: necklaces from Kyle, HK and Forever 21, rings and bangles from Belle York and PLF, and my Tinker Bell watch. 
Hype on lookbook and chictopia! :]

On another note, my friend Danika of Hello Rio got me hooked on this website called Pinterest. There are soooo many cute, inspirational, amusing and interesting pictures on that site. I've been getting pegs like crazy and now I want to make even more things than I already did, haha. Before I go, here are some really cute stuff I found there! :] Aren't they lovely? Check out the site if you have time by clicking the link above but beware because it is very addictive, haha! :]

Coolest doll house ever!

This looks adorable! :]

'Cause I know trouble will follow
But I have to go, I have to go

-Even Though, Norah Joneshttp://lookbook.nu/look/1729552-Even-Though


  1. hi! i would like to ask if where did you buy your boater hat. thanks :) ☀ ♥

  2. I got my hat around this time last year at YRYS :] I asked Tricia Gosingtian where she got hers, haha! :] I'm not sure if the store still has them but you can check WAGW (the store of Kryz Uy) They used to sell them too :] Hope that helped! Sorry for the 2-day late reply hehe :]