Teddy Bears and Flowers

I wore this outfit to lunch with Kyle last Friday. Once again, we were in Rockwell. It's the easiest place to go to from SoFA, considering I have to go back to school once my 4 hour break is over, haha. Anyway, I'm wearing a lovely printed top (more about this later) from PH's car, denim shorts, a braided belt from SM, a necklace from Forever 21, my new loafers from So Fab, and my wonderful boater hat! :]

You can't really see the print of my top in the full body shots, but it's actually covered with teddy bears and flowers. When PH showed this to me, I knew I had to buy it, haha. It was so cute and well, it was so me. It was absolutely perfect for the girl who loves stories and childhood memories. Not that I had a teddy bear. Well, I had this Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy that I was attached to for a while, haha. But I had (and still have, I might add, haha) a dinosaur, not a teddy bear. So when people talk about teddy bears, I think of this little blue, purple and pink dinosaur I have called Dino (Dee-no). Maybe I'll post about him someday. Hahaha, I am such a dork, so enough about that. Going back to the top, I thought it was too adorable to give up and I am really glad I got it! What do you guys think of this look? And once again, thanks for the lovely photos, Kyle!! :]

Okay, I know this is a failed shot, HAHA. The wind was making my contacts dry up and I guess I couldn't take it anymore, hahaha. 

There we go! Much, much better! Haha. :]

Here's a close up of my floral and Teddy Bear printed shirt! :]

My new favorite shoes! I just wish they wouldn't get dirty so fast. Suede can be annoying that way. 
Hype on lookbook and chictopia! :]

Here's one more thing before I get back to school work. This is a plate I did for my Digital Fashion Illustration class. I had to render something sparkly and I wanted to do something that wasn't so dainty. All my previous plates were so girly and fairy-like, haha. I thought about London-- specifically, the Buckingham Palace guards-- and came up with this design. I love it and I hope I get a good grade, haha!! I always enjoy making these plates. They're so much fun! Anyway, I have to finish more plates and flat drawings so goodnight to you all! :]

"Bears sleep by day. At night they stay awake to chase away the bad dreams."
-Jesse O'Neil


  1. love your photos and your outfit! x

  2. thank you, dear! :} thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!! :]

  3. So did you write about Dino already? :D when you do, can you tag me when you post it on FB? :D

    1. helloooo, Jed!

      nope I haven't... And yes I'll tag you when I do write about him :] I'll write soon! Thanks for reminding me!