White, Red, Blue

Here's another outfit I styled and modeled from the most recent shoot I did with Belle York. :] The photos were taken by Lea Valenzuela and I really like them! Good job, Lea! No word on when this collection will be out so keep checking Belle York's fb page for updates! They'll be selling some awesome pants, gorgeous maxi dresses and really nice cropped tees so watch out for those! Also, they're going to start selling bags so you might want to check those out too! :] Almost everything I have on in this post is from Belle York! The only things that are mine are the beret, glasses, watch, socks and wedges! Awesome clothes and bag, right? :]

Hype on lookbook and chictopia

I got the next two photos from a link my friend posted on facebook. Our professor was the one who gave us the link and the photos are cute and funny! You can view the whole thing over here. :] 

These pictures were something fun to look at while taking a break from schoolwork. I'm working on memorizing a monologue from Shakespeare in Filipino. Yes, Filipino. Got the first few lines down, now I just have to memorize and understand everything else! Definitely need God's grace right now. After Filipino, I have to work on some flats and sketches for Fashion Illustration 3 and a plate for CAD or Digital Fashion Illustration. 

On a happier note, I got 2 books today! The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (I lost my copy and had to wait forever 'til I found the version I wanted, haha!) and the Wise Man's Fear!! I can't wait to read both! Especially the second one which could possibly be the longest story I've ever read, haha! Anyway, I've got to get back to schoolwork. Thanks for reading all my nonsense if you've reached this far! :] Hope you all had a great weekend and I hope you all have an awesome week! :]

"I painted the picture, and in the colors the rhythm of the music quivers. I painted the colors I saw."
-Edvard Munch


  1. I love this Guia! you look so gorgeous here. :)

  2. heehee thanks, Alyssa!! :]

    and thanks for reading!!! ❤