I am taking a break from drawing and decided to do an outfit post. These were taken by Kyle last Friday at Rockwell. I'm wearing a top from PH's Car, cuffed denim shorts, a belt from Belle York, shoes from Suelas and a backpack from SM.

Hype on lookbook and chictopia! :]

Love this backpack! I've been wanting to buy one and I finally found one I was happy with, haha. Yay for Morbie Dolls! I think Alice will be there for quite some time. :]

Better shot of the doll. I love her dress! I also love how Ms Ish painted the face! Gorgeous :] thank you again, Ms Ish! :]

Really comfy Suelas and a peek of my orange socks, hahaha. 

This is a little screenshot of what we did in Digital Fashion Illustration last Tuesday. Fun!

Is it obvious that I'm rushing? I hope not! I just have so many things to do and finish and have been thinking nonstop this whole day. I really needed to do something to take my mind off school, but I'm not so sure this worked. Oh, well. 

I got the title of this post from a song by Brooke Fraser. If you want to listen to it, here it is! It's a beautiful song! I also love the music video. Flowers are amazing. I'd love to shoot in a field of flowers one day. That'd be perfectly lovely. Must get back to school work. Grace and patience. Please, Lord. 

You're cool coy, 'bout your strawberry hip
It's you that's hidden by the expectations
We want to see you, won't you show us where to start?

-Betty, Brooke Fraser


  1. You still have school? No summer vacation?

  2. Break starts on Wednesday! AHHH! haha. finals now.

  3. i adore your backpack and shoes!

  4. Yahoooo! Does that mean we'll see you more now? We miss you! :D

    Love the doll ;p

  5. YES! :D I sure hope so!! :]

    aw thanks, Lai! my Prof sent it to me! Isn't she adorable? haha! :]