Organization. Yup, that sure sounds like me.

Most people who know me know that I'm OC and really organized. Sadly, this never applies to my room.. I just can't get myself t fix it, haha. Hoping to change that though. Anyway, I decided to fix my cork board and put my To Do Lists there and this is how it turned out, haha. It was quite fun putting it all together. Hope I can maintain it, haha. :] 

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts this week. I'm really busy finishing up final projects and they do take up some time. Or a lot of time actually. Not that I'm complaining. Finals this term are surprisingly fun! But no matter how fun they are, I do want it to be summer already, haha. Must get back to my illustrations. Here are more pictures of my new To Do List and a little something else. :]

Last Thursday I came home from school and saw this sweet little package waiting for me at home. My professor, Ms Ish, emailed me saying she would be sending me something within the week so I was pretty curious and excited. I knew at once it was from her and couldn't wait to open it! When I did, I found the most adorable Morbie Doll ever! It's an Alice Morbie Doll (obviously) keychain. I attached it to one of my bags and you'll see a picture of that hopefully within the week. :] These little dolls are so adorable you should all check them out over here! :] Thanks for the little gift, Ms. Ish! :]

I really should get back to work now. Hopefully this night won't be too long. :]

"Early in my career I felt that organization would destroy my creativity. Whereas now, I feel the opposite. Discipline is he concrete that allows you to be creative."

-Verna Gibson


  1. wow, i need to be that organized and I'm going to give you some colour coordinated push pins for your birthday!

  2. hahaha! :] you are more organized than me when it comes to your materials! awww yaay! :D haha :]

  3. hmmmm......maybe i should be more organized.

  4. haha, go! :] it can make things a lot easier! i'm more productive when i'm organized and.. fine. it's so shallow but looking at my corkboard like that makes me happy, HAHA! :]

  5. It's true! Artists are not disorganized!

    The list:
    1. School (of course!)
    2. Home (aaaaw <3)
    3. Blog (haha! you are one serious blogger! I like that!)
    4. Others (I wonder what didn't make the category headers)

    This inspired me. :) I think I'll put my white board back up again.

  6. Haha! Well, some argue that they are but I have a hard time living like that haha!

    Home is mostly chores and things to make, haha.
    Blog is for stuff I want to write and change :]
    Others is mostly books I've read, goals and calling cards, HAHA! :]

    go do that! It's fun (and WAY easier) to be organized! :D