Spend Summer 2011 with SoFA!

Here are the courses SoFA is offering this summer! There are classes for everyone (kids, teens, adults) and they will definitely be fun! Come on and let your creative juices flow this summer! 

For budding fashionistas, kids age 6-11 yrs old are encouraged to unleash their creativity through various fashion art projects and learn from their classmates!

what they will learn:
- tote bag design
- jewelry making
- slippers design
- paper dolls
- hair accessory making
- fabric painting and stenciling
- scrapbook making
- tie dye

April 4-20, MWF, 1-4pm
w/ Aan Pineda
any 4 sessions at P4500 or all 8 sessions at P8000
Materials inclusive

A workshop specially made for 12-18 yrs old to enter the world of fashion as they learn about various things about the fashion industry! This crash course gives an overview for teens who want to get a sneak peak of the industry or for those who are beginning to think of a prospective career in the fashion.

what they will learn:
- trend forecasting
- moodboard
- illustration
- draping of a skirt
- fabric painting and tie dye
- tshirt designing and deconstruction
- denim designing and deconstruction
- styling

Apr 25 - May 13, MWF,  9-12nn
w/ Eli Gonzales
any 4 sessions at P4500 or all 8 sessions at P8000
materials inclusive 

Dressmaking made easy! Even without any background in patternmaking and sewing, this workshop aims to teach students to create a basic top and basic skirt on their own! With this crash course, students get a glimpse of the production side of fashion! This workshop is open to all teens and adults at least 15 yrs old!

May 3-26, Tues and Thurs, 1-4pm
w/ Loida Hunter

Are you familiar with various fashion professionals, the latest trends, interested to do fashion-related reviews or have a fashion blog of your own? The Fashion Communication workshop will help you merge your passion for fashion and writing! Learn about the industry, fashion journalism, fashion blogging and more from celebrity stylist, columnist and blogger, Luis Espiritu!

May 3-26, Tues and Thurs, 9-12nn
w/ Luis Espiritu

Enter the world of makeup to learn how to use the different makeup tools and products! Even with no background at all, you will learn the basics and can even lead you to a career as a makeup artist! You will even get the chance to witness and be immersed in actual industry photo shoots!

June 4-July 16, Saturdays, 9-4pm
w/ RB Chanco

Enter the world of a fashion stylist as you will learn all about photo shoots, styling kits, trend spotting, creating your own mood board, finding inspiration and get the chance to do an actual store's window display! Learn all these and more in the Introduction to Fashion Styling Workshop! Who knows, you could be the next Rachel Zoe!

May 3-26, Tues and Thurs, 1-4pm
w/ Fold Canela

Found anything you like? Contact SoFA at 8928807 | 09175018136 | info@sofamanila.com for more details! Follow SoFA on facebook and twitter and visit their blog over here! :]

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