Eric Raisina pt. 1

I got to watch this fashion show a couple of weeks ago thanks to the wonderful mom of Kyle (Thanks for the fun evening, Tita Cynthia! :]). The show was marvelous and so refreshing. Eric Raisina's designs are all about texture and there was a lot of that in the room. I took so many pictures and had to edit a bunch (and I still have to fix more) so I decided to divide this post into 2 parts. Expect part 2 within the week :] 

I loved the colors of the show. And of course, I loved the textures. Most of which were handmade/handwoven. There were some amazing fabrics too! There were certain looks I'd totally wear and there were some that were nice to look at. I enjoyed the menswear designs that went down the runway. They had some really nice details. Here are some pictures so you can all see what I'm talking about! :]

Love this dress to bits! 

This look is something I'd totally wear :] Love everything about it!

More yellow and blue! 

Pretty cool stuff, right? :] The lines and colors are gorgeous! 

I know that was pretty short but there'll be more soon! Don't worry. :] 

I love to travel. I love to be inspired by what I have seen and select the best ideas, the best colors, the best atmospheres. I like to see what happens in the market wherever I am. That really inspires me.

-Eric Raisina

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