Child's Play

Here's a quick little outfit post before I get back to all the stuff I must finish before tomorrow morning. As usual, the photos were taken by the awesome Kyle. Because of the somewhat playful outfit, we tried to shoot somewhere playful too. A playground (too many plays mentioned, haha) seemed pretty appropriate. Walking on sand in heels wasn't too bad compared to the holed floors of the slides and all that. I had a hard time maintaining my balance but I tried to stay put to get some decent photos. The things we do for blogging, haha! :] I had fun shooting this even though it started to drizzle a bit.

I'm wearing an Alice shirt bought from Patricia, denim shorts, cupcake socks from Herbench, nude pumps from Parisian and a backpack bought in SM. 

Matryoshka bracelet, Tinker Bell watch, DIY lace and nuts braided bracelet

Do you spot the little Alice Morbie Doll? :] You can never have too much Alice!

Lovely shot! :] Once again, a picture of my shoes ended up being my favorite, haha!
Hype on lookbook and chictopia! :]

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there! Enjoy your day! :] Love you, mommy! :]

"We're all mad here."

-Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


  1. playful socks! and i really cant help myself from gushing over your backpack! happy mother's day to you mom!

  2. indeed they are :] I loved the backpack the moment I saw it, haha. Thanks, Liezyl!! :]

  3. cute style! I love your socks, backpack and shirt!<3 Where did you get your Tinker Bell watch?:)

  4. aw thank you! :] I got it in a random store in the states :]