Rio Mints

Went to the media launch of Rio Mints yesterday at Robot thanks to SoFA. :] Saw a few friends and classmates and was glad to have some company, haha. There was a fashion show of some students of SoFA and it was superb. Yesterday was fun and Rio mints are great. :] Try getting yourself a pack at 711 or any other convenience store! All the flavors are great but honey melon is my favorite. Just saying, haha. :] Here are more pictures from the event!

Such a beautiful dress!

Gorgeous necklace by Rocky de Castro :] 

Designers with their models

Don't you just love what she's wearing? I know I do! :]

With friend and designer, Nicole Aquino! :]

This time with my fellow chopstick expert (or not.. HAHA) and partner in crime, Alyssa

Thanks to the lovely Alyssa for the next two pictures.. :]

 ..And for this pretty bag! We were both eyeing it like crazy but they could only give us one because it was really meant for the media. She asked for it from her friend but she said let me take it home! THANKS, ALYSSA! You are too kind. :D

If you're wondering what that red thing with the number 24 is, I used the bag right away and put colored pencils in it, haha. :] 

"Cool yourself with Rio this summer!"


  1. the mint and the fashion are both YUMMY!

  2. very well said! :] thanks for reading and commenting, Liezyl!! :]