Berlin, Day 5: Potsdam (Part 1)

These photos were taken the day before we left Berlin. Day 3 and Day 4 were the days my mom was working so I pretty much just went around shopping and window shopping, haha! Anyway, we spent our last free day in Potsdam! Such a beautiful place!! I wish we spent more time there. Here I go again, posting this in 3 parts. Photo overload, haha! 

I really enjoyed seeing this city. I bought the peacock watch you've seen me wear in other outfit posts here. There were too many pretty things and buildings I wasn't able to see. I'd love to go back there! 

I actually fell asleep on the bus ride from Berlin to Potsdam :\ So, this windmill was one of the few things I was able to photograph while still on the bus. My mom and I went to it on foot too and took more pictures! :]

Hype on lookbook and chictopia! :]

I also managed to take this while on the bus! Is it obvious? Haha. 

Love this building!

Gorgeous details! 

Can you see the building? 

I'm sure you can now, haha!

More lovely details!

I say to God, "Be my Lord!"
Without you, nothing makes sense.

- Psalm 16:2

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