Plains, Checks, Stripes, and Dots

Here's another outfit worn weeks ago that I'm only posting now. And as always, photos by Kyle! :] Thank you!

The dress I'm wearing is probably the most overused dress I own. It's my go-to piece when I'm lazy and when I want to be comfortable. I'd probably wear it every other week if it wasn't so obvious that I just used it, hahaha. Unfortunately, it's a dress with two prints and two solid colors. Not exactly easy to forget, I believe. Also, it's probably for my own good that I can't wear it all the time. I must learn to use hidden items in my closet. I just cleaned it up and have many outfits in mind. I hope they turn out well, haha! :]

Are you sick of all the prints I'm wearing? I actually wore this outfit to SoFA when the theme was print on print so I'm glad I got to follow the theme at least once, haha! 

These shoes are easily my favorite pair right now. Kyle gave them to me as a welcome back present when I arrived from Europe. Yup, I probably should've posted this sooner so you could all see the shoes I've been wearing almost everyday, haha. Thanks for the awesome shoes, Kyle!! :]

Hype on lookbook and chictopia! :]

I'm wearing:
Blue Straw Hat from SM Dept Store
Thrifted Navy Blue Polka-dotted Jacket
Checkered, Striped and Plain-colored Dress from long ago
Striped Espadrilles from Kyle (who got them at Muji!)

I am on a plane across a distant sea
But I carry you in me
and the dust on, the dust on, the dust on my feet

-Albertine, Brooke Fraser

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