Cupcake Love

The weather's been so gloomy lately I thought I'd do a little post about cupcakes to make me happy, haha. I also hope this makes you happy!! Do cupcakes make you smile, too? :] 

I especially like pretty cupcakes and themed ones. :] Looking for all these pictures made me hungry and made me crave for cupcakes-- specifically Sam's red velvet ones! YUMMY! I hope I get to buy those from her soon, haha! :]

Absolutely adore the colors!

I don't like sharks but these are really, really cute! :]

I don't like bugs either but what's not to love about polka-dotted cupcakes! :]

Batman! I wish they weren't all glittery/glossy. 

Harry Potter! So cute!

Alice cupcakes!! 

These were also Alice inspired :]

Those look really good-- especially the bottom picture, haha.

Love this little work of art!

I so wanna make these cupcake pin cushions, haha!
Images via google and pinterest

"When you look at a cupcake, you've got to smile."

- Anne Byrn


  1. omg sooooo cut the comic ones;))

  2. I love those too! :] thanks for reading!! :]