BS CT Graduation Show

Last October 15, 2011 was a big day for me and for my friend Rowhe. It was my first time doing runway and it was my friend's graduation show for BS Clothing Technology (UP Diliman). The fashion show was for one of her classes which was taught by my professor (in SoFA), Miss Ish Orendain. Remember the Alice Morbie Doll that went with me to Europe? Ms Ish made that. :]

Anyway, back to the day. Like I wasn't nervous enough. When I got there I found out I was opening the show. Yikes. Haha. Hope I did okay and that I did the dress justice! Anyway here are some photos from the show! I'll be posting behind the scenes pictures on Monday so stay tuned! :]

Got all the photos off the facebook page so just click the link to see more designs! :]

Oh, one more thing. All the designers sewed their dresses/garments. Pretty amazing, right?

Dress by Glorese Latosa

Outfit by Charm Delmo

Some dresses I loved. This one is by Rachel Mauricio

 By Jel Cailao

Not sure who designed this (though I know it was someone from a lower batch) but I LOVE the print! So cute!

My favorite dress by none other than Rowhe Rodriguez! Congrats, Rowhe! Super happy for you! :]

Rowhe with some of her models. Yup, she did a bridal collection! 

Here are some photos Kyle took that day :]

The hairdresser put over 25 pins in my hair, hahaha. Good thing it worked and everything stayed in place! :]

So tell me how the heart begins and tell me why it slows
And if you find a promised land, then tell me where you go

- A Lot of Things, Rosi Golan

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