Hear the Bells

Wore this a few weeks back to watch a show with Kyle. We had some time to spare before the show started so we decided to have a little shoot. Please don't mind the cellphone in my pocket in the first two pictures, haha. 

One of my favorite shirts paired with one of my favorite pants paired with my favorite glasses and one of my favorite pairs of boots, haha. Too many favorites? Almost forgot to say paired with my favorite watch! Finally found a watch with a giant face that nearly covers one side of my wrist! Yay! Not to mention it's also brown, haha. I've always wanted a brown watch. Now I gotta search for the perfect gold watch.

We shot this set using Kyle's new lens! I love how it makes the shots I took look decent, hahahaha. You'll see what I'm talking about later. :]

Hello, handsome watch! Favorite photo of the bunch!

I threw in the green belt for a pop of color.

We see a lot of dogs when we shoot. Some are nice enough to let us take pictures of them, but some are too shy. This one would look away when the camera was pointed at him.

And here are the only two photos I took, haha! I made the bracelet for Kyle.

Really loving the color combinations. Maybe I'll make another one for myself. 

Love this photo :]
Hype on lookbook

I'm wearing:

Top from Applerust
Pants from Nava
Glasses from H&M
Belt and boots from Bangkok
Watch from Aldo Accessories

Floating on the sea stars are watching meCurrent takes me out what will be will beFloating on the sea stars are watching meCurrent takes me out what will be will be
-Hear the Bells, Vanessa Carlton

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