Beaver Batman iPhone Case

Here's that gift I mentioned in my entry last night! :] I made Kyle a Beaver Batman iPhone case, heehee. He loves the two so I thought of putting them together. Really, really proud of what I came up with! :D Heehee.

I made sure to include paisley lining since he's fond of that as well. I got really OC with the inside because I wanted it to be as clean and as accurate as possible, haha. Obviously, it isn't perfect but I'm extremely happy with how it turned out! 

I didn't forget about the back and decided it'd be incredibly cute if it had a cape, haha! So, it does!! And a beaver tail, of course. Mustn't forget that!

Kyle loved the case (YAY!) and he took these pictures, haha. I'm getting a few orders for more cases like this (in different designs) and hopefully, I'll be able to sell them. Heehee :D

And can I just say. OMG. The Dark Knight Rises. Next year. CANNOT WAIT! 

What do you think of the case? :] 

"I don't believe in superheroes but I love Batman movies. There's a part of every person that is entertained by the idealistic, the fantastic."

-Aisha Tyler


  1. This is a new Beaver Batman iPhone Case. Its futures are very good as compare to the other iphone. Really i like this iphone. This is a to much screen.

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  2. Guiaaaa! I want to order! :) :) What other characters do you do! :)

  3. Stephen: haha, thanks?

    Paul: thank you!!! I can do whatever you want (I think , hahaha) :D