Floral Comb

I made this comb awhile back and never really got around to posting it (sorry, I know I always do this, haha). Anyway, it's something I've been wanting to make for a really long time. Really happy with how it turned out!! :] 

I have been DIY-ing a lot recently and I find it to be quite relaxing. My therapy from all the stress finals cause? Haha, I dunno but I sure do enjoy making things! Must let this crafty side of me show, heehee. :] Expect more DIY posts very soon!

Just one more subject to tackle then I'll officially be on break! So much to do for this one subject. Hoping and desperately praying I get to finish it all by tonight! 

Photos by Kyle :]

When you were young enough
Doing all the fun kid stuff
Did you think of what you'd be?

- When You Grow Up, Priscilla Ahn