According to the folder where I found these outfit shots, I wore this on September 8th. Yup, that long ago! My bad for not posting them earlier, haha. I think I pretty much forgot they existed. 

Can you tell that I am in love with this top?? I think it's pretty obvious, haha. :] I've worn this top with a a maxi skirt and two midi skirts already. I have yet to post the other outfit, but there's just something about this oversized knit top that goes with skirts! I know not everybody likes wearing loose garments as both tops and bottoms but that's exactly my cup of tea. :]

*Edit* This was my 200th blog post!! Haha :]

This outfit is particularly special because I've been wanting to wear this skirt for forever. Just couldn't figure out how to style it. It was, truly, a lovely find from Applerust! You'll see the cute, whimsy print of this skirt in the photos below, so keep reading! Heehee :]

I am extremely happy that most of the stuff I have to do for finals are over (Thank you, Jesus!). Just two more subjects this week, then one more next year! Cannot wait for Christmas break to begin! I hope I stick to my insanely productive plan of sewing, drawing, fixing my room (again...), and catching up on all my books! The poor things have been gathering dust because I haven't found time to read them. School first, right? Haha. :]

Anyway, enough of this. Here are more outfit shots by Kyle!

And here's the amazing print I was talking about. Drool. Aren't sailboats the cutest? Plus, the skit is blue. How could I resist??

I'm wearing:

Oversized knit top
Sailboat midi skirt from Applerust
Nude pumps from Parisian
Mask from H&M
DIY beaded bracelets
Multi-colored wooden beaded bracelet from Divisoria

We're cutting anchor
Casting out into the glorious deep
The tide is out, the moon is high
We're sailing

- Sailboats, Brooke Fraser

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