Here's another outfit from last year! Wanted to be more girly than how I normally dress these days but I think the boots killed it, hahaha. But I really wouldn't have worn it any other way! Love how the boots add some masculinity to this ultra feminine outfit.

As you can see, my hair was still extremely long and uncooperative, hahaha. I think I still have about 5 more outfits to post from the last few days of December. I should get around to doing that, but before I do I'll be posting about my recent trip to Singapore! Don't expect much though, haha. I was a bad blogger and didn't really take outfit shots. Heeheeee. But I think that's fine since they always look better when Kyle takes them! :] Thanks for taking these photos! :D

Hype on lookbook!

I'm wearing:

Top, shorts and boots from Bangkok
Beret from H&M
Watch from Aldo
Dreamcatcher from BTF (they just released a bunch of awesome stuff! go on and click the link to check them out! :])
Bracelet from Divisoria

P. S. I know I haven't really been posting my weekly crafts and drawings. Been really busy but not posting them doesn't mean I'm not doing them! Can't wait to share all the little things I've been making with you! :D

Oh, Annie
I will think of you every time I see the sun
Didn't want a day without you
But somehow I've lived through another one

- Ice On Her Lashes, Brooke Fraser

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