Red Hot Chili Peppers

Heee. Had a really good day today! Kyle came over and surprised me! :D fun, fun, fun. Decided to post my most appropriate Valentine's Day outfit, hahaha. The colors might be better suited for Christmas, though. Chose this look because I was wearing red and this is the most girly outfit I have in my folder of backlogged look posts, haha. Guess that means my style hasn't been that dainty lately.

In case you're wondering about the title, I think the reason I chose it is pretty obvious! Hello, chili pepper-covered skirt! It was way too adorable to pass up, so I purchased it, hahaha. Cute, quirky things always get to me. 

Back to the title.. Kyle helped me pick it out! He was the one who gave me their songs and who (as always) photographed this set of photos! Thank you for all your help, Kyle! And for your lovely surprise, heehee. :D

Is anyone else following fashion week? I'm not as updated as I was last season. Figured I'd just view all the collections at my own leisure. I'm being the little organization freak I am and I'm currently fixing all my fashion week photos. Yup, tagging them and all that. This should be fun. :D I'll get back to that now. Do you have any plans for tomorrow? :]

Hype on lookbook!

I'm wearing:

Top and skirt from Applerust
Plimsolls from Target
Headband from Forever 21

We hate the rain when it fills up our shoes
But how we love when it washes our cars
We love to love when it fills up the room
But when it leaves oh we're cursing the stars

- How We Love, Ingrid Michaelson 

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