Week 6: Fortune Beaver

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! Any guesses on who received this little present from me? Fine. It's pretty obvious, hahaha. Thanks for taking the pictures, Kyle! :] Andddd for the book and cupcake and tops! :D Heeee.

I am aware that I'm posting my craft for week 6 without having posted week 5. Sorry about that! I promise to get my posts straightened out this week! :] But for now, please enjoy some pictures of what I made as a Valentine's gift! Bought the coin bank (I so badly wish it was a beaver :[) and made little felt fortune cookies to go inside! They're really, really easy to make! Here's the link to the tutorial I followed! Have a go at it! I meant it when I said it was super easy! No sewing involved! :]

Of course I had to put some stuff inside the cookies. There were some notes and chocolates hidden inside, haha! :]

Down, down, down I go
On a road that I don't know
And I ain't got a thing in my bag
Some things you can not plan
Like your hand in mine
Just put your hand in mine

- Keep Warm, Ingrid Michaelson

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