Week 4: foxbunnyowl

Super late post! I'll be posting a lot of crafts and illustrations next week! Yay! :] 

I started drawing the foxes in class to keep my mind from wandering, haha. I find it easier to focus on some things when I multitask. I know that's pretty odd but I'm weird that way, hahaha. If there were animals being drawn of course I had to find a way to incorporate bunnies in! I think one day I'll try to color this and post it again!

This is completely unrelated to my post but my brother is at this prom right now! Hope he's having fun! I helped style his look, haha. :]

Have a happy Saturday night, everyone! :]

Sitting in the back of the bus
Talking about nothing, oh we're talking about us
Watching as the world goes hammering on
Hammering on

- Do It Now, Ingrid Michaelson

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