Some of the things I bought in Singapore

Didn't really go crazy clothes shopping in Singapore. My brother and I did go crazy book shopping though! We lined up in Page One for 3 hours! They were having a major sale. All books at 50% off and others went up to 80% off. Ahhh, gotta love that! 

I also went crazy in the craft stores, hahaha. Wish we had really good ones over here! I tried not to buy unnecessarily because my room is already full of things waiting to be made, haha. 

Sorry about the color of the photos, haha. You'll be seeing the hat, pants and backpack I bought in my next outfit post! :] 

(Edit: This was a scheduled entry that I wrote a long time ago. I only now realized that I already posted the outfit, hahaha. Sorry. My bad! Here's the link to the outfit! :])

I try to pin you down but you move like a dream
I want to find you but you dropped me in the sea

- In the Sea, Ingrid Michaelson

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