Fall 2012: Gianfranco Ferré

Last post of the night then I gotta improve some sketches and scan them. Sooo much work to be done. I wish I could just stare at all these photos and call that work because they are gorgeous. I guess what I'm loving about this past fashion week is pretty obvious through all my posts, hahaha. Except for the Moschino one. Had to change it up a bit since oversized coats and everything aren't the only thing I'm loving this season! This is actually one of my favorites this time around. Everything looks so chic and polished but it still has some roughness to it. Love!!

That blue number right there is my favorite look from this collection!

Photos via fgr

This life is light, it’s light burns bright
Every moment is a moment you could say

- Shine, Rosi Golan

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