Fall 2012: Viktor & Rolf

I don't think I ever had a whole week with no updates on my blog. I had lots of entries drafted but those only had pictures and I really had no time to write. :[ Sorry about that! Was hard at work on my midterm projects and all my homework. Had to set my priorities and school definitely came before blogging. I'm extremely happy with how my work turned out and I can't wait to show it to all of you! :] I still have two more midterms to finish this week but they won't be as time consuming! The other one is a practical exam for Advanced Draping so I won't even need to prepare for that, haha! How I've missed writing these entries!

I've got a bunch of things to post this week so keep coming back! :] For now, I'll talk about this lovely collection by Viktor & Rolf. They have always been one of my favorites! I've been wanting to get this book for years! I was so happy when they finally restocked it on Amazon! Ahh! Can't wait! Just so you know, when they had limited stock of this book the prices went crazy. From about $42 to like $170! Maaaaaan. Super happy prices are back at $42! HAHA. Must get a copy before this happens again!

Back to the the Fall 2012 show! This wasn't one of their collections that had me at first glance. Sure, I loved the silhouettes but I wasn't too crazy about the color palette. Not really my thing. As I kept viewing the photos, the collection just started to grow on me. Maybe it's because Viktor & Rolf are two of my favorite designers. I really look up to them and love their work so I may be biased, haha. Anyway, please enjoy the rest of the photos! I'll post another collection tomorrow! :]

Photos via fgr, collaged by me

If this is what we get, then lets make the most of it
We can dance around the clouds up here

- Yesteryear, Rosi Golan

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