Fall 2012: Alexander McQueen

Andddd here is that other collection I was talking about!! Gah. One of my favorites this season! So amazing! Everything's perfect-- from the overall looks to all the tiny little details. The colors are quite awesome too!

I'll try to squeeze in my Weekly Inspiration post tonight! Gotta work on a paper with one of my best friends, Ally! She's coming over in a few. 

My trusty little iPod broke last Saturday :[[ I think I can have it fixed cos the only thing that's wrong with it is the buttons aren't working (any button.. k. I guess this is a BIG problem, haha) and whenever you lock then unlock it, it turns off.. Saaad. But it's fine 'cos in two weeks time I am getting a new one!! Yaaay! The best part about this is that it's free, haha! Amazing what you can redeem when you gather up a bunch of points with Metrobank, haha. Thank you, Mom and Dad! They also just got me a Bamboo Fun and Touch tablet for getting good grades, haha! I am one happy girl and this just proves that all my hard work and lost sleep pays off! :] 

I do hope you enjoy the photos! Will let my little sis watch The Amazing Race on my laptop while I wait for Ally. 


Photos via fgr and style.com

Please remember me and we will meet in memory
I’ll ask about your day, you will laugh and start to say
You wanted to be with me since the moment that I left

- Yesteryear, Rosi Golan

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